How to get consistent, Quality and organic traffic for your site

The traffic is the first and foremost thing for a blog owner.A site with good content but not good traffic will leads to the failure.Whereas a site with good content as well as good traffic will surely be in profit in future as well.A site having traffic will also get the good CTR/CPC/CPV on ads as well so traffic must be high there.Sites those have good traffic also got the good alexa ranks as well as good pr in the Google. The traffic is the main thing which is really needed to a blogger to make this passion successful.The traffics are of many types but for the consistent and fast traffic, Edkent Media - Website Designing Agency In Canada suggested these different categorizes:
Traffic are of three types :
1) Organic traffic
2) Direct traffic
3) Referral traffic
Organic traffic is type of traffic that has been generated by you in form of searches and with the seo i.e. Traffic from the search engines. This is the most valuable traffic for any blog as it improve the visibility of your site.More will be the organic traffic more be the site optimization.The site with good organic traffic leads to the good alexa rank as well as good analytics graph and as the result of which more be the SEO as well article visibility.

Direct traffic  is a type of traffic that is generated by the direct linking to your site such as we open the site with its name directly i.e the traffic by directly typing the URL of a site.This is also the traffic generated by the popular blogs as well as the blogs with good visibility and reputation.

Referral traffic : Referral traffic is the traffic that has been generated by the site through the other sites with back linking as well as social sharing.The referral traffic is many times the instant traffic produced o the sharing the site link in the social media as well .This is the traffic that is for the time not the  continuous traffic.

Tips for consistent traffic and organic traffic :

1) Forum Posting : Forum posting is one of the great way to get the regular quality and organic traffic for your site as well.The forums with high pr ranking also increase the back links for your site and will provides you the organic traffic or the traffic from the search engines as well.There are many forums like Digital point forum , warrior forum which have high SEO and which leads to the high visitors on your submission.

2) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) : Search engine optimization is a also a must needed thing for the instant traffic for any blog .More be the optimization  more be the content visibility and more be the visitors for your site and these are the best quality visitors for your site.This is done by increasing the crawl rate of your site as well as from these steps.

3) Social Bookmarking : Social book marking is also one of the great way to get the good quality traffic as well as organic traffic for your blog. Social bookmarking means to write the article in social bookmarking site like tumblr, stumble upon, live journal etc and put the link of your site in it so as to get the back link as well as the continue post to your site which flow the visitor on your site.

4) Directory Submission : Directory submission is also a good source for the traffic to be organic this is a good and easy way to get back links from high pr sites.

5) Guest posting/ Back linking :  Guest posting is also a very good source to get the organic and high quality traffic.Post the articles on the high pr sites to get the back links from them as well as a good traffic from them.Guest posting is a very good source to make your site popular and more visible on search engines.

If someone know more tips can comment on the post to make that idea visible to all,Thanks.


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